A symbol of the collective memory of humanity

The Memory of the World program is an international initiative promoted and coordinated by UNESCO since 1992, in order to ensure the preservation and access to the documentary and digital heritage of greatest relevance to the peoples of the world.

War and social unrest, lack of resources, looting, illegal trade and destruction, among others, cause documentary heritage to disappear forever. Fortunately, sometimes lost documentary heritage is rediscovered.

UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (MOWLAC) was established in June 2000 with the objective of promoting the Program in the Region. In 2002 the first nominations were registered in MOWLAC.

The Committee is made up of nine members appointed in a personal capacity based on the recommendations made by the Program Coordinator and the corresponding Regional Councilor and based on the proposals received from the National Commissions for Cooperation with UNESCO.

UNESCO will act as the Permanent Secretariat of the Regional Committee through a Communication and Information Counselor of the Latin American and Caribbean Region, designated for that purpose, who should facilitate and promote its operation and will act as a link between the Regional Committee and the International Advisory Committee of the Program.

What does the MOWLAC Committee do?

  • Advise the UNESCO Secretariat and the International Committee of the Memory of the World Program in the implementation of the Program’s guidelines in the region
  • Promote and disseminate the Memory of the World Program in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Encourage the creation of National Committees in each of the countries of the Region and monitor their activity
  • Formulate regional projects, promote national projects and support the management of funds for their execution
  • Create, promote and promote the Registry of Latin America and the Caribbean and promote and monitor the National Registries in the region
  • Formulate recommendations on the management and mobilization of funds and their allocation to projects in the region
  • Promote the nomination of documentary heritage to the Program’s World Register

Executive Committee of the Regional Council

During the XXII Meeting of the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the UNESCO Memory of the World Program, which was held in the city of Oranjestad, Aruba, from November 15 to 18, 2022, a new Executive Council of the MoWLAC/UNESCO for the period 2022-2026.

The Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (MoWLAC) is made up of 9 members from the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

MOWLAC President:
1st Vicepresident:
  • ANA RIBEIRO (Uruguay)
2nd Vicepresident: 
  • LAURA SÁNCHEZ (Colombia)
Regional Advisors:
  • JOAN OSBORNE (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • VITOR FONSECA (Brasil)
  • MARTHA ROMERO (México)
  • LAURA RODRÍGUEZ (Costa Rica)
  • Rosa-Maria Gonzalez (UNESCO)